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Global PM Days – Teamwork

Be part of a truly global project management event – ONLINE conference!

Global PM Days is a 2-day online conference created to spread best practices to the biggest audience possible while connecting experts to individuals that want to advance their skills to the next level. With no conference registration fee!

Teamwork becomes the key competence in the times when people tend to be more focused on digital solutions rather than on relationship and collaboration. That’s why in this year’s edition we are going to go through the IPMA ICB4 competence Teamwork in all its dimensions to try and tackle a currently high demanding issue on our day-to-day life.

Speakers will present keynotes to share experiences in different aspects of this competence: Team setup & Team building, Cooperation & Networking, Team Development, Empowerment & Learning from mistakes. Participants will be able to learn how to promote team orientation, create a culture of success, manage teams effectively, and many more!


▪ 2-day conference ▪ 500+ attendees ▪ 7 hrs of content ▪ exhibition hall
▪ 14 keynote speakers ▪ 50+ countries ▪ recordings available ▪ free access

Keynote Speakers

Ruth Pearce, USA
Andy Kaufman, USA
William R. Duncan, Malaysia

Peter Taylor, UK
Marisa Silva, Portugal
Michael Pace, USA

Kamil Mroz, Belgium
Eduardo Espinheira, Portugal
Bernhard Sieber, Austria

Colin D Ellis, Australia
Patrick Kamba, Belgium
David Corcoran, Austria

Paulius Kovas, Lithuania
Fahri Akdemir, Germany


Program & Registration

The conference will take place on November 30 and December 1, from 2:00 pm to 7:10 pm CET daily.


  • ▪ Top-level PM experts
  • ▪ World-class speakers
  • ▪ 14 hot topics
  • ▪ Insightful presentations
  • ▪ Access to exhibition hall
  • ▪ FREE participation
  • ▪ Videos recording available for 1 week
  • ▪ Virtual Goodie Bag
  • ▪ Certificate of participation


Day 1: Conference Program
Day 2: Conference Program

Free for all registered participants
Recorded sessions will be available until December 9, 2019

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Conference platform: Eveon virtual exhibition center

* Global PM Days organizing team reserves the right to make changes in the program