Winners of the PMC International Final 2017 – SERBIA

In the 2016/2017 academic year 209 teams, 750 students from 7 countries – Spain, Finland, Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, and Italy – competed in the Project Management Championship.

The International Final of Project Management Championship final took place in Brijuni, Croatia on June 10, 2017, and gathered the best student teams from all participating countries. The assessment tool was a project simulation KINSHASA provided by OMEC, and teams needed to plan and execute a project in Africa in challenging and changing conditions.

The winners – Team from Serbia (Anja Spasojević, Miloš Milosavljević, Velizar Stefanović and Nemanja Jevtić)– were announced at the awards ceremony the same day.

Piotr Bogobowicz, Member of the Board, OMEC, shares his insights:

The simulation game KINSHASA, performed during the International Final of the PMC, is usually organized to be executed within two days. Yet, the requirements of the Final made it even challenging as the full game should have been done in just six hours. Needless to say – this is a huge task for young project managers to do it. I noticed that the main issues for the young project managers this year are the level of detail in communication with the sponsor, difficulties to have a general overall view of the project and transfer of project priorities to teamwork priorities. However, the team spirit and the attention and the quality of the reporting were a huge advantage to all of the teams. The simulation providers and assessors were astonished to see the results teams delivered.

For the first time since the International Finals have been organized, it was decided to award the 2nd and the 3rd place as well.

The 2nd Place was awarded to the Team Spain (Raico Álvarez Feijoo, Ivan Adrio Muñiz, Patricia Fernández Fernández, Joaquín Abadín Mayo).

The 3rd Place was awarded to the Team Italy (Veronica Bertolotti, Barbara Bianchi, Marta Bindi).


The Project Management Championship is organized by International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young Crew.

The PMC is kindly supported by STS – the project management training company. Main sponsor – OMEC. Supporting Sponsor – Opera Opus.


PMC Winners Serbia

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