Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has won the Project Management Championship 2018 in Finland

National final of the Finnish Project Management Championship 2018 took place on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 in Helsinki at Eteläranta 10. The competition did involve six teams from five different Finnish universities and colleges. The six teams with the highest scores were invited to the Finnish Project Management Championship´s final round.

Participants of the qualification round were student’s teams from five institutes:

·        University of Oulu (2 teams)

·        Seinäjoki AMK

·        Vaasa AMK

·        Tampere AMK

·        Metropolia AMK

The jury consisted of the following project management experts:

·        MinnaReino from Project-It

·        MarkkuSeraste from Project-It

·        TuulaNurmiluoto, Top Coaching Finland Oy

·        Ville Solja, IT consultant

Final teams received the case from project management and leadership specialized company Project-It. Teams had to launch a new sub-branch Vinssithat is a part of the Project-It company. In the afternoon there were a twist from the case. Project-It management team (judges) wanted to hear a sales pitch why Project-It would use teams plan to implement Vinssi´s WWW-pages renewal.


The winners of the Finnish Project Management Championship are:

1st Place – Team Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

·        JuhoVeteläinen

·        FeetuHannila

·        ApurvaGanoo

·        Sebastian Lindberg

2nd Place – Team University of Oulu 2

·        Johannes Soutukorva

·        JuhoArpi

·        Joni Koskinen

·        Ville Ohukainen

3rd Place – Team Tampere University of Applied Sciences

·        MiljaJokinen

·        LassiLandström

·        Iida Niskanen

·        Jenny Orajes


The winning team will have an opportunity to participate in International Project Management Championship in Serbia between June 1st-3rd, 2018. They also get the opportunity to take IPMA-D certification free of charge.

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