Vaasa University of Applied Sciences will be representing Finland in Project Management Championship 2019 at Nürnberg

National final for the Project Management Championship 2019 has been successfully held in Finland. Finnish team for the International Finals is now officially chosen after tight case competition from very talented and enthusiastic teams.

This year Finland had 6 Universities (VAMK, TAMK, SeAMK, Metropolia, Turku AMK and Oulun Yliopisto) participating in the qualification round. National final took place on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, in Espoo at Technopolis Innopol 1. In the finals, 5 teams were competing against each other in a case competition provided by Project-IT, the main sponsor of the Finnish event.

This year the case competition was something totally different comparing to the previous years. “We wanted to shake the game a bit and came out with this idea of organizing a summer festival. Every one of us have the idea and experience of such events but we wanted the teams to think about it from the project management point of view.” Minna Reino said with a smile.

At the final, teams had to create and design a project plan for a small summer festival size of 1000 visitors with a few given requirements. In the middle of the competition, the jury gave a twist to the teams and told that festival has grown in popularity, and now the estimated number of visitors have grown rapidly to be around 5000 visitors. Teams had to manage this change request and scale up the project plan. After a tight 4 hours of work, the teams presented their project plans to the jury and tried to sell their solution in best possible way to get a permission to execute their plan.

The jury consisted of the following project management experts:

  • Minna Reino from Project-IT
  • Harri Paani from Project-IT
  • Apurva Ganoo from Aalto Yliopisto

The jury commented that their decision was not as easy as all teams excelled in some aspects of the case. Some teams were more into the details when the others had a fantastic sales pitch and energetic way to present their project plan. The winning team of the competition was working together as a team patiently until the very end and they managed to stay on point excellently through the presentation. Their well-managed details in the project plan did not let the jury to have any major questions or doubts of their competence to execute the event.
“We were not prepared for such case but our experience from our project management studies gave us pretty good tools to handle this project today,” concludes Miika Pohjola, Project Manager of VAMK team

The Finnish team is ready and of course eagerly looking forward to meeting other teams in Nürnberg!


Arttu Hannila, Ekku Jokimies, Miika Pohjola, Juuso Perälä


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