Mexico has a winner in the National PMC

Mexico has its winner team which will be in the American final of PMC  2019 the next September in Merida, Yucatan, after a quarrelled competence where the team from “Universidad Politecnica de Yucatan” were victorious.

During all the competence the teams through for two different stages, and Project Management skills evaluation and as the second stage they developed and specific case study related with education which was delivered as a Project Manager would do.

In the end, the winners are:

  • Alejandro Raul Peña Camara
  • Jairo Ivan Hau Noh
  • Iza Melina Muñoz Salazar
  • Federico José Montes de Oca Rueda

Teacher tutor: Mayra Teresa Trejo Hernández

The second place was awarded to the team by Angeles Padilla Arturo Felipe, Mercado Pachuqueño Diana Jeanete, Sanchez Castillo Karla Gissela, Robles García Keyla Jasiel with the help of their professor Andres Vite Bustos.

We congratulate all teams for the great effort and involvement during this process.

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