The iPMC 2020 – on the Edge of the Unknown

Often, a project is called a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. This year, the Covid-19 crisis made this endeavor as unpredictable and difficult, as never before for the governments, businesses, people, and especially – project managers.

The iPMC 2020 project team of the IPMA Young Crew Lithuania (under the lead of Raimund Marcinkevič) had a thought decision to take – decide, whether it is a year when tradition will be broken, or it is time to innovate and adapt. In the end, 26 young project management professionals from 8 different countries, fought for the title of the strongest project management team in Europe in the Online International Project Management Championship!

On Friday, the 26th of June, the eight teams have connected to the Zoom call and kick-off of the iPMC 2020 began. After welcome speeches provided by the iPMC 2020 Project manager, IPMC Young Crew Lithuania President Dovilė Daugvilaitė, Chairman of the IPMA Young Crew Management Board Niklas Bein and simulation host and provider – Guy Giffin, director at Prendo Simulations Ltd.

The participants were given an online project management simulation “Spatium” by Prendo. Management of the conflicting and different stakeholder needs and wants, high uncertainty, and risk levels during all project implementation stages. All of these and other advanced project management skills of the participants were put on test during the simulation of the construction of a stadium.

After the intense day of the simulation, in the late afternoon, the Vice President of Education, Training and Young Crew, Gholamreza (Kami) Safakish provided a closing speech to the participants and host of the simulation concluded results of the competition. The Serbian team was able to show the best performance and secure first place with Austria and Lithuania a few points behind. This year’s event was concluded as very promising in terms of the future of Project Management. The end results showed, that the overall average score of the simulation has increased from the last year. This was a very promising conclusion both – for IPMA and Young Crew, as well as the future of Project Management.

What’s next?

IPMC Young Crew network showed real persistence and social responsibility in terms of providing a safe and sound environment for the future of Project Management – young PM enthusiasts, to examine their knowledge and skills in a very different and challenging environment, whether in their daily life and work or during the next year’s national PMC or iPMC.

We are keen to see the future and ready to manage unknown, but are you? Stay SMART, stay safe, and stay healthy with IPMA Project Management Championships.


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