Universidad Andres Bello (UNAB) will represent Chile at the IPMA Young Crew Project Management Championships Américas 2020

On Saturday, October 10, the final online round of the 2020 Chilean Project Management Championship took place. The main goal of this championship is to promote interest in Project Management among young students and to provide opportunities to use their knowledge.

This important event has been organized by IPMA Young Crew Chile in collaboration with UNAB and the sponsorship of Prendo, with Pactio Simulation, in which participants were able to make important decisions about stakeholders.

The event was hosted by Young Crew Chile and the participation of students from Industrial Engineering and IT Engineering Schools, of Universidad Andres Bello.

The team of Universidad Andres Bello (UNAB), Industrial Engineering, Viña del mar, formed by Mariano Salvatierra, Daniel Calderon, Ignacio Muñoz, and Diego Lastarria, achieved the best results and were nominated as the Chilean Champions. They will represent Chile at the International Project Management Championship Américas in November 2020.

The second place was obtained by the team formed by Fortunato Bravo, Valentina Bustos, Andrea Pizarro and Javier Pacheco.

The third place was obtained by the team formed by Joaquín Chacón, Felipe Uribe, Agatha Astorga and Francisco Machuca.

Each of the Chilean teams had the same challenge related to project management and had to tackle it according to their own knowledge. All the teams did a great job!! Well done!!.

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