Spain has its PMC 2021 Warriors!

Spanish PMC finished on the 8th of May. This year the competition was a success – 16 teams representing 13 master and degree programs from 12 different universities. In total, more than 50 participants tested their competencies solving an online case of study where they had to command a new mobile phone development project.

The results in this competition have been improving during last years. That could be an indicator of the good practices implemented in project management training programs in Spain. It is also important to notice the gender parity of the teams which were in the Top 5.

The scores of the teams on the podium were really close and the performance of the teams where optimal. As follow, the top 5 teams are included:

1st Position: University of Cádiz (Team 150) – the team which will represent Spain in the European PMC.

  • María Fernández Melgar
  • Alicia Lavirgen Cotariella
  • Miguel López Virués
  • Rubén Camacho Serrano

2nd Position: University of Valladolid (Team 154)

  • David Lorenzo Curto
  • Elena Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • Clara del Pozo Vicente
  • Pablo Álvarez-Campana Rodríguez

3rd Position: University of Cádiz (Team 149)

  • Jose Arévalo Olmedo
  • Pablo Delgado Sánchez
  • Tomás González Narvaez
  • Ángel Marín López-Escobar

4th Position: BPMSAT (Team 153)

  • Teresa Victoria Gómez Madrid
  • Iria Serrano Medina
  • Mario Montero Garrido
  • Claudia Miguel Fierro

5th Position: University of Extremadura (Team 120)

  • Alba Márquez Gil
  • Francisco Javier Folgado Gaspar
  • Jose Domingo
  •  María Alonso Sánchez

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the awarded teams! See you in the European Finals!

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