International final

The German Young Crew is proud to host the fifth international finals in Germany.

In June 2018, the best teams out of 9 countries were invited to prove their skills and knowledge during a sophisticated real-life simulation, provided by Open Management Education Center (OMEC) in Belgrade, Serbia. At the end of the day, the first tie in the history of the event has been announced: team Germany (Katharina Wolf, Pascal Stumpf, Marvin Münch and Jan-Philip Bokeloh) and team Serbia (Abel Duran, Jana Puzderliski and Marco Modrinić) could prevail against the team of Croatia (Lovre Skočić, Dora Novak, PauloKatić and Petar Perković) as well as the teams of France, Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Italy and Spain.

Winning last year’s iPMC finals, Germany has been trusted to coordinate and organize this year’s event. Hosting the finals in Nuremberg, a major German city has been selected for an unforgettable event, taking place from May 31  to June 2 of 2019.

The team around long years GPM YoungCrew members Chiara Haenel and Fabian Urban are pleased to welcome the winning teams out of more than 10 countries to Germany.

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