Rules and how to Join

The Project Management Championship is a 3 stage competition consisting of a qualification round, the national finals and the international final. The Project Management Championship is owned by the IPMA Young Crew , which holds all rights and responsibilities.

  • During the qualification round the participants take an online test. The test consists of 100 questions that have to be answered in 100 minutes. The knowledge level required for the test is equal to the IPMA level D certification.
  • The test has to be completed at one attempt. The test can be accessed only from one computer. Participants are allowed to use all sources of information- internet, books etc. while completing the test.

The 6 best participating teams qualify for the national final. There each team must solve one real-life case study within 4 hours. At first it wont be clear what the underlying problem is and solving this challenge will require in depth analysis and skilful application of existing knowledge. Each team must then present its to the jury, which consists of PM professionals from the IPMA network.

Note: There can be specific rules applying to national final depending on the country.

The winning team

of each national final will then participate the Project Management Championships final and compete against all other national winners. The final is a 2-day event and hosted each year in a different country.

  • Students that want to participate must form a team of 3-4 people and register on this web page. Only full-time Bachelor and Master students, under 35 years of age are allowed to take part in the competition.
  • Students can form mixed teams (members from different universities), but they have to choose which university they represent.

Cheating is forbidden as well as any another misbehaviour is forbidden. Sharing the username and password is absolutely forbidden. This kind of activity will lead to the teams disqualification and will be reported forward.

In case that a member of a winning team needs to step down, the options are the following:
• if there were 4 members, then 3 members stay and participate as a team;
• if there were 3 members, local PMC manager gives them the following choice:
– to accept one team member from the team that took 2nd place (they can choose which one);
– or step down and give this opportunity to 2nd place.

How to Join

In order to compete you must first make sure that your national young crew is holding the championship. All participating countries are listed at:

Each country listed, has a registration period and a qualification period. These can be after another or happen in parallel. The date of the finals will is also announced there. If your country is not listed please get in touch with your local young crew and consider volunteering to organize the pmc at your country.