5 Tips How To Overcome Major Challenges In Project Management

Have you ever asked yourself why so many companies cannot complete their projects successfully? Isn’t this number disappointing? It is, for sure. Managing projects is a complicated process that requires accuracy, specific knowledge and leadership. Doubtless, you have to pay attention to the project’s concept, resources, participants, deadlines, as well as manage the budget and people, organize proper communication, predict potential risks and many more things.

If you are wondering how to avoid the mistakes other project managers make, and become more efficient with your projects, we offer you to use these 5 tips that really work for any kind of challenge you face on the way to your goals.

Clarify Your Goals

Even though it is obvious that you have to set a specific goal for each project, many project failures happen because of unclear objectives and planning. How can you complete a project if it is impossible to compare what you have done to the expected result?

Most successful project managers propose taking both “in-project” and “around-project” elements into consideration. “In-project” elements are time, scope, cost, resources, quality and risk, while “around-project” refers to elements such as impact, sustainability, relevance and politics. If you want to see the progress of your work clearly, then discuss communication (both how and how often), timing, scope, deliverables and success measures for the project. You will see that understanding what each team member should do and how to reach the goal ensures that after completion of the project, all parties will be satisfied.

Always Be Available And Open

It is a well-known fact that many projects fail because of a lack of effective communication, which leads to destructive relationships between team members and clients. Whether to set the right goals, hire the right people, explain expectations or be involved in the process, active participation in dialogues and agreements is necessary. Sometimes, your project will make great sense to you and at the same time be completely confusing to another participant. If there is a misunderstanding between people, you most likely cannot expect the desired outcome for the project.

Your communication inside and outside a project has to be transparent, open and always accessible. The better people understand the main goal, the more concrete decisions you can get from them. Try to motivate people, show your values, check your co-worker’s status and connection, deliver tasks or at least speak with them on a regular basis. Here we should to note that good communication is at the heart of any excellent project.

Avoid Vague Ideas To Meet Deadlines

Doubtless, a lot of managers have a vague idea of the scope of work, and they are not able to calculate the necessary time for the development and delivery of the project. A typical scenario that happens quite often: a project manager creates a schedule, shares it with the client, then the team just get freaked out by the lack of time they have to do all the work in order to meet the project deadlines. Tension in the team begins to increase, and the work suffers for it. Don’t do this!

The way to overcome this challenge is to build a common discussion around creating a plan that works for everyone. In fact, it improves team spirit, increases the value of each participant in the process and makes it possible to comply with the specified deadlines.

Develop Your Skills

The project management industry has been developing quite dynamically, and it is that is always challenging for professionals to keep up with the progress. It is more about new trends, methodologies and tools in the industry which you have to know and use on a daily basis. Also, it is useful to be more competitive than your colleagues and boost your productivity.

Another good thing about knowing industry news is an ability to be flexible depending on the project, because every new project requires specific milestones. Your actions and decisions will be made in accordance with the different circumstances, needs, goals and parties involved. It is undeniable that your schedule changes all the time, so the way you plan the projects needs to change as well, as quickly as possible. The good news is that your skills can be developed through project management training and guidance courses.  Such experience is helpful in successful project implementation and the expansion of career opportunities.

Build Leadership

The very first step in successful project management is gain the trust of your team, clients and partners. It is important to note that nowadays you must have not only excellent communication and collaboration skills, but also demonstrate your professionalism and open-mindness. YPMY is a global individual award for young professional project managers, and it is a great way to build a strong international reputation and share your unique experience. Working on presentation of your own project, you will understand more about your personal strengthts and goals, which is crucial if you are going to become a well-recognized manager. Your desire to present your project in the best way will demonstrate your most valuable qualities as an ambitious leader, and will give you a new perspective for career development.

Do not miss the opportunity to show the world what you can and do – apply for the YMPY award by 20th May, and beсome a winner!