Your Benefits

Benefits for applicants:

  • A recognition you have been looking for and a step forward in your career (such as a promotion which we have seen with this award, or a career shift);
  • This award offers you the opportunity to pause and reflect on your achievements and projects outcomes. The information needed to complete a submission will come from your project documentation. This allows you to reflect the details of your project, how it was managed to be examined and lessons to be learned for your further personal and professional development;
  • The award offers you the opportunity to market your excellence and to demonstrate the types of projects which you have undertaken. Your submissions are seen widely during the process, our website, social media and during the IPMA World Congress;
  • Becoming a finalist gives you further the chance to celebrate your personal achievement during the Award Gala and to share your experience with the participants of the IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop and the IPMA World Congress;
  • Being a finalist gives you the opportunity to use that recognition in applications for future professional work as it showcases your achievements.